Farming Gold in World vs World

This item is outdated and obsolete. It is missing critical information about newer game features or situational changes that could negatively impact gameplay. It remains here for historical reasons.
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As many of you may know we are very focused in the WvW aspect of the game. We can accomplish many things in WvW, some of them being map completion, great experience points, jumping puzzles, gathering wood/ore/foods, and of course farming gold. This guide will help you earn about 1-2 gold per hour. Take into consideration the prices in the Black Lion Trading Company will always be changing. So try to take advantage when cashing in your hard earned loot.

Centaurs (lvl 76+) Heavy Supply Bags

The first place is my personal favorite, the centaurs spot. I've made roughly 2 Gold/Hr here. Its located on the top right hand of all the home borderlands in the WvW map. It's also an event, so you can expect bonus exp and karma. You can see the event progress in the top hand right corner of the screen, the objective is to kill 30 centaurs and then the veteran centaur that spawns after all 30 are dead. It takes about 3-4 minutes for the event to restart. The heavy supply bags range from 5-7 silver each and drop very often. You can sell them for quick cash which is usually around 4.60 silver, or set a buying price which varies from 5-7 silver. You can see what other people are selling them for and beat them by 1 copper, and they sell fast.

Skritt (lvl 76+) Heavy bag of skritt shinnies

The most I've made here is about 1.40 Gold/Hr. This area is located on the top left hand side of the map. The drop rate is low and it's also and event, so again expect karma/exp. same deal, kill a certain amount of skritts and a veteran skritt at the end. Here you will get Heavy bag of skritt shinnies. These are much lower drop rate however they sell for roughly 13 silver each. The great thing about this spot for farming is that it's really close to the next spot I'm going to tell you about. So you can switch back and forth in between while the event is restarting.

Cave Spiders (lvl 76+) Powerful Venom/Potent venom/Rare weapons and armor

This area is great if you want crafting items, I've also gotten about 5 rare items from the normal spiders and the vet and champion. It's located just north of the Skritts so you can switch back and forth of the two locations. This area is not an event from what I can tell but it has plenty of spiders and spider eggs. Also the Champion and Veteran cave spider spawn together so you will need a few people to take on this task.



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Re: Farming Gold in World vs World

This guy knows how to make money. Listen up guildies. Mid will make you rich!

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Re: Farming Gold in World vs World

nice...thanx for the tips