Below is a simplified list of events run by our guild. Note that dates and times are intentionally withheld from those who are not logged in to this web site. As a result, not all events (specifically, those that do not occur every week, month, or on a set schedule) can be included.

If you are a member of our guild, please log in to view our full events calendar with dates and times. If you have not already created your account, you may register (guild members only).

Event Description Frequency
Guild Missions Guild missions are in-game activities that grant rewards to the guild (Favor, etc) and those members (gear and Guild Commendations) who participate. (more information) Twice Weekly
World vs World Rallies We have two scheduled WvW rally nights: Once during the weekend and again during the week, but we spend a fair amount of time in WvW on our off-nights as well. You will usually find members in WvW during prime time hours. (more information) Twice Weekly
Player vs Player Although we do not typically schedule PvP events on our calendar, many of our members spend time in the arenas, and it will be easy for you to find someone to partner with if you're interested in this aspect of the game. (more information) Variable
Special Events From time to time, our server will hold special events (usually in World vs World). Our guild will often host or co-host an event, and we encourage everyone to submit their ideas and participate in the planning when we do. Variale
Guild Meetings We hold an all-hands guild meeting every other odd-numbered month. Members are encouraged to attend and bring their comments, concerns, and suggestions. Every Other Month